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Monday, April 23, 2012

Mornings At Organic Market

Weekends are a beautiful thing. It is my time to be me, to indulge in the pre-baby Amelia. 

:: Long lazy coffees at your favourite cafe 
:: Grown-up conversation, 
:: Catching up with old friends
:: Making new friends
:: Deciding to have another coffee
:: Deciding to stay for lunch!
:: Not sticking to a schedule
:: Taking some snaps


  1. Oh A; you're getting so so good with the camera x

  2. This post makes me really, really, miss my bestest friends.
    Beautiful images x

  3. beautiful girl, beautiful photo, beautiful day.
    oh hello new friend xx

  4. Beautiful photos!
    I miss pre-baby Amelia time... must indulge in some myself soon too. xx


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