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Monday, April 2, 2012

MARCH - Stuff I Loved

Here is my current list of the stuff I have loved over the past month.

Current Music
1. Genisis by Grimes
2. Broken Brights by Angus Stone
3. Met Before by Chairlift
4. Default - Django Django
5. Love Interruption by Jack White
6. Paddling Out by Miike Snow
7. Lay It Down by The Rubens
8. Embrace by Oliver Tank
9. Hollywood Forever Cemeteray  by Father John Misty
10. I Got Burned by The Bamboos ft. Tim Rogers
11. King Of The World by First Aid Kit
12. Bad Girls by M.I.A.

Favourite Albums Of The Month
Bon Iver by Bon Iver
Triple J's Hottest 100 Volume 19
4 by The Bamboos
Visions by Grimes
Happy To You by Miike Snow
Hyperparidise by Hermitude
Blues Funeral by Mike Lanegan Band
First Aid Kit

Current Books
To be totally honest, I have not even glanced at a book this month. In fact I have not even opened my Real Living and AWW subscriptions yet..I keep forgetting about them. I have indulged and bought a few excellent books that I do plan to read at some point in the next decade!

Current Colour
I am still loving the bright colours this month: yellows, oranges, reds. I am very much looking forward to this coming winter and unleashing some of these colours on my otherwise 'neutral' winter wardrobe. I have been loving Hunting For George for sometime now and have noticed that they seem to feature some of their amazing cardigans in the new season of Tangle. Also loving white linen everything and dark green everything, especially our lawn.

Current Food
Lusting after raspberry jam on thick sourdough. Filling my belly with waaaay to much Ying Chow . Gorging on too much chocolate. Inhaling a lot of lavosh bread and cheeses. Not to mention all of those hot cross buns with lashings of butter. Oh dear.

Current Drink
English Breakfast with a little cinnamon honey. The Hills Cider Co apple and pear cider, made from the delicious apples of our old hometown. Heaps of water. Far too many coffees.

Current TV Shows
I have totally and utterly fallen in love with Tangle. It's an Aussie show produced in conjunction with the Showtime channel on Foxtel. I loved The Secret Life of Us and Love My Way and this is the 'middle aged' continuation in that same style of drama. The twenty-somethings become thirty-somethings and they discover that real life can  a little bit shit. A fantastic cast including a favourite around these parts..Ms Justine Clarke.

Plus its NRL season baby. OH YEAH (says my inner rum-swilling bogan!!) GO the BRONCOS.

Current Non Mummy Activities
- Going to see Bon Iver with my closest pals
- Celebrating my 26th year in style with my loved ones (minus little people)
- Delicious dinners with my gorgeous cousins
- Art exhibitions, tram hopping, midweek dinners at 11pm with talented women
- Drinking beers with my husband at le pub
- Solo morning walks

Current Triumphs
Just one....
I have actually started something I cannot believe. I have got my little dream off the ground. I got a loan. I got an ABN. I registered a business name. I bought some new equipment. I got some advice from a wise and kind friend. But most of all... I believed in myself and my ability.

Stay tuned to the blog for more info in the coming weeks :)

Current William
This little boy is becoming just a boy, he isn't so little anymore. He is aware of everything that is going on around him, he is aware of peoples feelings and moods like you wouldn't believe. He is three going of seventy-three!! Sometimes I look into his eyes and I see a little old man, set in his ways. In fact we have started to refer to him as 'the fuddy duddy' he always has to have everything a certain way; he has to have his top sheet just right so he is able to rub his fingers along the edges as he is falling asleep, he has to have his little blue watering can NOT the little green watering can, he has to have his toast cut into triangles NOT squares, and me most certainly does NOT like it if you put the window down and the wind messes up his hair. All of that aside, this little boy melts my heart each and every day. He still does not talk but has discovered some much needed confidence and actually starting to have a go, where as in the past he would not. New words are slowly coming through, new motions and little sounds are starting to appear and for the first time in a long time I have got a glimpse of that little boy that I long to have a conversation with.

Current Olivia
Well where do I start with this little one. She is moving on from her baby years at a rate of knots. It's "mama" this and "dada" that and "Wiillllllllilll" this. She shakes her head for no, and waves hello. She eats just about everything you could imagine, I even caught her in the cat bowl yesterday. She is standing and walking solo with the assistance of her little walker cart thingy. She loves to dance to late sixties and seventies soft rock, which makes be believe that there is a lot of my Mum shining though there, especially when I caught her grooving to Jethro Tull! She loves her bath, practices her swimming every night. She loves a good cuddle and will often just want to be kissed and cuddled in bed before nap time. She loves to annoy her brother... A LOT; hair pulling, book stealing, car hijacking, squealing in his ears, stealing his food and god forbid...attempt to steal the iPad out of his hands. This girl is truly something special and I am so grateful to have her in my life.

So tell me, what have you been loving this past month?


  1. Love this post Amelia! And love that your dream is coming true! very excited for you! Your little people are truly divine. xx

  2. I'm so with you on those drinks, and congratulations on your new business xx


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