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Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I have been making an effort to take my DSLR with me whenever I leave the house. At times it does feel as though I am lugging around another bulky unnecessary item, especially when a trip down the street requires a tandem pram, pram bag, wipes, blankets to keep the babe warm, treats to keep the toddler amused, etc etc. However, I have noticed the days that I do take photos I am much happier and productive mama.

Ever since I can remember, I have loved to take photos. When I was at high school I started to learn the in's and out's of photographic techniques and dark room processing. From then on I was always the girl with the camera in her hand. Black and white portraits graced the walls of my bedroom, far from the Bieber's of today. I must get the 'photographer gene' from my dad, Robin. He is a real camera nut and always has his camera bag with several rolls of film (yes film) ready to go. My first camera was an old Pentax ME circa 1976, an old love present from dad to my mum. It still works to this day and takes brilliant shots. These days i've upgraded to a Canon DSLR, which I use for all of my shots.

Here are a few snippets from our neck of the woods.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Currently - The August Edition

I am following along with Sam over at Good Mum Hunting.

Current Book

  •  It Takes Two To Talk by Ayala Manolson. My two and a half year old son, Will, is still not talking. This book does a wonderful job at educating parents how to encourage their children to communicate. 

Current Music
  • Making Mirrors - Gotye
  • Moonfire - Boy and Bear
  • Bliss Release - Cloud Control
  • Sargent Pepper - The Beatles
  • Jukebox - Cat Power
  • Torches - Foster The People
  • I Need A Doller - Aloe Blacc
  • Cold Feet - Jack Ladder & The Dreamlanders
  • Future Starts Slow - The Kills
  • Hanging On - Active Child
  • Hawaiian Air - Friendly Fires
  • Raiders - Owl Eyes
  • Oh My God - Cults
  • What The Water Gave Me - Florence & The Machine
  • Undertow - Warpaint
Current Shame:
  • The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. This show has got me completely hooked. We only recently subscribed to Foxtel and have only just discovered this show. Of course I had heard a lot about it in the media and online. I think it is fantastic!
  • Eating the milk chocolate chips out of the packet. We have no chocolate in the house and I found a bag in the back of the cupboard. (Yes this had clearly happened on more than one occasion!)
Current Colour:

  • Sky Blue. 
Spring is springing here in Adelaide. The sky is clear and the sun is shining.

Current Drinks:
  • San Pellegrino (with a slice of lemon and/or a hint of mint)
  • Earl Grey (my standard morning/evening hot beverage of choice)
  • Soy Chai Latte (made by Gabby at OMC)
Moi + Gabby
Current Food:
  • Eggs on toast. We have just splashed out and bought a set of Scanpan saucepans and frypans. Up until this point in time, I could not fry an egg the way I like it to be fried. So I am pretty much making eggs on toast for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Cupcakes. I have an obsession to make the perfect cupcake. I am making at least one batch per week. Not so great when I have to fit into a wedding dress in 8  weeks!!
  • Apricot Jam on toast with loads of butter!
Current Favourite Shows:
(Other than The Real Housewives of B.H.)
  • Pregnant In Heels - just glorious to see how outrageous some mothers to be actually are!
  • Grand Designs - an old favourite, like a warm blanket on a cold winter's eve. 
  • Frasier- once again rediscovering old dvd's
  • Love My Way - discovered this show years ago. It is so beautifully written and acted. A fine Australian drama!
Love My Way

Current Wish List
  • Kitchen chairs that don't wobble. 
These will do nicely
Current Needs:
  • A date night - dinner, drinks and a gig
  • Sleeeeeep
  • A trip to a day spa to get the works!
Current Triumphs:
  • Getting Liv, our four and a half month old daughter to sleep ... ALL NIGHT (between 10pm and 6am)! WOOO!
  • Blogging Again
Current Bane Of My Existence:
  • Stressing about insignificant wedding details
  • Dishes

Current Indulgence: 
  • Extra hot, extra deep baths with a splash or two of Jurlique Lavender oil
  • iPad
Current Number 1 Blessing:
  • I can honestly say that I have way too many blessings to count. But right at this point in time, I would have to say Keith, husbuendo to be. He puts up with so much, my crazy ideas, my moods, my complaints, my frustrations, my slack housewifelyness, just to name a few. He is, and forever will be, my number 1 blessing.
Current Outfit:
  • Peter Alexander pj pants
  • Country Road sloppy joe
Current Excitement:
  • Dinner at The Stirl tomorrow night with my favourite gals.
Current Mood:
  • Sleepy/content
Current Links:
  • Triple J - checking out the Gig guide for a potential date night in the not too distant future
Current App:
  • Woolworths iPhone app. Loving this at the moment, just brillo