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Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I have been making an effort to take my DSLR with me whenever I leave the house. At times it does feel as though I am lugging around another bulky unnecessary item, especially when a trip down the street requires a tandem pram, pram bag, wipes, blankets to keep the babe warm, treats to keep the toddler amused, etc etc. However, I have noticed the days that I do take photos I am much happier and productive mama.

Ever since I can remember, I have loved to take photos. When I was at high school I started to learn the in's and out's of photographic techniques and dark room processing. From then on I was always the girl with the camera in her hand. Black and white portraits graced the walls of my bedroom, far from the Bieber's of today. I must get the 'photographer gene' from my dad, Robin. He is a real camera nut and always has his camera bag with several rolls of film (yes film) ready to go. My first camera was an old Pentax ME circa 1976, an old love present from dad to my mum. It still works to this day and takes brilliant shots. These days i've upgraded to a Canon DSLR, which I use for all of my shots.

Here are a few snippets from our neck of the woods.


  1. Gorgeous! SUCH beautiful children...and that little lady! Be still my ovaries...x

  2. Hey Amelia! You've got some great shots there!! I was always the girl with the camera too - for most of high school I kept one attached to my jeans with a re-purposed wrist cuff. More recently, Toff & I have learned the hard way that to have a Happy Cara we can't leave the house without my camera. Thanks for following me - I look forward to seeing more photos from you! xo

  3. Found your blog randomly, and I'm glad I did because I love these pictures! Your children are so cute and the little one has amazing lashes!

  4. beautiful shots Amelia. It was also an absolute delight to see you on the other side of the camera - a stunning bride you are x

  5. Hi Amelia, just popped over from BabyMac after reading your amazing story. It was so grounded in what life is all about - so touching. And then I come here and find those incredible photos of your beautiful children!! They are heaven! Am following now so I can see more of it all xx

  6. I just found your blog on BabyMac - such an inspiring love story - thankyou for sharing! Looking at your photos I think our children have a similar age gap - but mine are a bit older (16 months - just turned 3) and looking at your beautiful photos has made me all nostalgic for last year when they were smaller! Such gorgeous happy kids!


Thank you so much for your comments. I am touched by every single one of them :)