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Hi there, i'm Amelia (and that little cherub is my youngest, Olivia). 
I am a wife, mother of two, daughter, granddaughter, niece, and friend. I live with my little family in the outer suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia. 
Photography has always been my anchor. I first picked up a camera at the tender age of three, my parents were both keen photographers and passed their love of it on to me. No matter where I went I always had a camera with me, I was that girl in the playground with the camera around her neck!
I would sit up for hours at night flipping through photos of times gone by, imagining I was there, I was taking that picture. Images of life were my inspiration and still inspire me to this day. The civil rights movement, the Roosevelt's, the Kennedy's, music, war and life. The great photographers of our time; Herb Ritts, Annie Liebovitz, Robert Altman, Henri Cartier-Bresson were my idols, their work graced my bedroom walls and inspired me to continue with my passion. 
I photograph anything and everything with natural light, no flashes. Whether you have a small gathering, engagement, wedding, birth or a family breakfast, i’d love to help you out and capture those moments just as they are.
Everyone has a story to tell, so shoot me an email at info@ameliaoconnor.com and tell me your tale. 

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