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Thursday, August 2, 2012

To Jump, Or Not To Jump?... That Is The Question.

I apologise for the APPALLING grammar and sentence construction of the following entry

Today is a significant day. I know that everyday is a significant day when you have children. Little things change with each morning and changes come with every bed time. Becoming an adult is an important part of recognising these changes. Adulthood is full of all kinds of awesome. Its filled with all kind of un-awesome.

Today is summed up in the in-between category. It could be the greatest day of our lives or it could be the beginning of the most challenging time of our lives. Risk is another important part of life, without risk a life is certainly not lived. Kdog is taking one of the biggest risks he has had to face to date.

Let me start the story 48 hours ago when I picked Kdog up from work:
I arrived early and parked the car opposite Kdog's office building. Sent him a text to let him know I was here early and just come whenever he was ready. 
'DADDY' squealed the kids as he ran across the road. He hopped in the car with his usual relief after a busy and somewhat stressful day. Being a software engineer is hard business..apparently. 

'So I just received a very interesting phone call'
'I have been offered a non-redundecy payout'.
You see it is technically a redundancy package but the organisation he works for would prefer not to call it that, they would prefer it to seem as he has left of his own free will.


Confusing...I know.

There is so much I want to write on here and so much I want to get out but I just don't have the energy right now.There have been a lot of long talks, tears, fights, laughter, positivity, confidence, uncertainty and despair these past two days. I am petrified that we will be back in the same position we were in when we first moved to Adelaide from Queensland - new baby, new town, jobless for six months, selling our possessions to afford to buy food. I know that we will NOT be back same position but I still feel that fear deep down.

Kdog has been super unhappy at work for quite a long time now. His spirit is completely crushed and he only a shadow of the man I fell in love with. His quick cheekiness and enthusiastic look on life has diminished since working for this organisation. There is nothing wrong with this organisation itself, he loves the people and the work is ok. However, he is not being challenged and he has been considering leaving for some time. The only thing holding him back is his head. He knows in his heart he can be a success if he takes the next step but his head is telling him not to take the risk.  This man has tried pretty much everything when it comes to careers; decorated army officer, labourer, fitter and turner, music teacher, lecturer, even taxi driver. I know that he can do it, I believe in him.

Today is the day that we make that choice, to take that leap of faith. Do we jump and take a chance on a happier life? Or do we stay in the comfortable confinements of an unhappy career?


  1. I can't tell you guys what to do. I jumped and worked damn hard. Now I do something I love and provide for my little family with more than I ever could have.

    I was that shadow of a man, too.

    Not anymore though...

    1. We are all grateful you took the plunge. Thanks Tim :)

  2. Jump! We did it, we're happy, and we are so thankful for that leap of faith x

    1. Thanks Jodi. We have taken the leap and are super excited. X

  3. I say jump. Life is too short and you don't want to end up asking "what if?".
    I'm sure it's incredibly scary, but I bet you guys will be amazing. xx

    1. Thank you so much lovely mama:) We've jumped and it feels great:) X

  4. throw caution to the wind.
    jump high and jump deep.

  5. Reading that I feel like you guys know the answer :)
    It is scary of course it is but I think you need to take the Leap and KDog can feel some value and pride if what he does :) whatever it may be.

    Will he be happy if he stays?

    I have been inspired reading this in my own decisions - Follow your heart!

    Good luck x

    1. Thanks so much. You are right..I think we did.
      He has taken the plunge and it feels wonderful.

  6. Van Halen says it best... JUMP!

    Did you get my message on twitter?


  7. Jump. I know you want to. We are all here to support you. hugs, big ones. xx

    1. Thanks so much darling lady. Having all of you peeps makes everything better. We are pretty excited:) XXXXX

  8. wow!

    How similar our last 48 hours have been.

    I say jump K-Dog, but only because I'm that lifeless soul working a job I literally loathe.

    Life is too short x


Thank you so much for your comments. I am touched by every single one of them :)