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Tuesday, August 14, 2012


You know those magical days that you could not even plan if you wanted to? Well we had one of those days last Friday. Since Keith has left work I have noticed that twinkle that has been missing for so many years, is back baby!!!

We took the kids on a little trip down to Port Adelaide - my country. My Ma's side come from down that way and I absolutely love the place. It reminds me a lot of her. There are a whole stack of brilliant museums down there too. Here is our little visit to the Aviation Museum, as you can see my children are definitely not afraid of large machinery and get a thrill whizzing past old Spitfires and disarmed bombs. I realised one thing for sure, they aren't my little babies anymore.


  1. OH!!!! I love, love, love these photos and how is it I live in the area and have not taken Bebito there yet? Shame on me/us! So glad to read about the glint in Keith's eye returning. What fun it looks like you had! x

  2. Wow! Amazing photos Amelia! Glad your all enjoying the extra time together. Bet my Riley would love to go there too, looks like lots of fun! x


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