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Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Pixie is a special kind of person, her passionate heart is infectious. Her warm and bubbly energy literally lights up a room. Pixie's kindness and generosity is expressed in many ways but the best way is through the food she creates, it is the kind of food that will nourish your soul.

We have known each other for the better part of ten years. We first met in high school as slightly awkward teenagers, and our friendship has continued to this day. We have seen each other grow and transform through the various stages and I am pretty darn grateful to have her around.

Pixie has been a vegan since the age of nineteen. For her it was something that she believed in passionately, an ethical choice that she has continued to embrace, modernise and develop.  I am pretty sure Pixie is out to transform the idea of vegan food, she encourages everyone to try something new, have a go and see what you think. To be honest, I absolutely love some of the creations that she shares, I have even started to bake vegan biscuits and cakes at home and we all love them.

Recently, I spent the weekend with Pixie at her home. I observed a true master at work as she prepared an assortment of vegan treats for the Gilles Street Markets. I will be posting part two of this little assignment in the coming days.

If you would like some more info, head over to Pixie's Facebook page.

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  1. glorious, inspiring and mouthwatering, might get myself a'baking today!! thank you!


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