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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

These Past Few Days

::Holiday time is bliss time::

:We have had the greatest holiday ever...a holiday at home.

:Pottering, cooking, eating, rearranging, napping, reading, drinking, entertaining, exploring.

:Is it me, or do we all have those weekends or holidays where it all just seems to go to shit.? That is usually the case for us, well me actually. I always seem to have high expectations of weekends and holidays and I often end up snitchy and dissappointed. I made the choice to avoid being snitchy Amelia these holidays. Let me tell you, it has worked and this festive season has been brillo.

I love my little family. I love our little house. I love our little neighbourhood. I love this time of year.

exposing pale legs in short shorts

pub times with old friends

quiet latte's in the sun, minus children

long lazy breakfasts

picnics with old friends

quiet blogging time 

scrabble with the husband

extreme heat

daytime naps

crazy kitchen dancing

summer dinner for two

fresh breakfasts

clean kitchen

making a rope swing

sibling love

first time in the ocean

hai there

beach boy

oh dear

first play on the playground

What have you been doing these holidays?


  1. Now that's the stuff of deep satisfaction and I could say "Snap!" to one or two items on your fabo list too. Wishing you much more of the same.

    Happy days!

  2. Love that pic of your little man all covered in sand. That is pure holiday bliss to me ;) x

  3. Simply beautiful darling! You wonderful thang xx

  4. Sweet, sweet holidays! Yours look like pure bliss. X ashley

  5. Looks like you are having the BEST time!! we are having lazy pj mornings & baking & magazine reading & beach visiting.......could you please send some of that warm weather down to cold Melbourne please??!! x

  6. I want to be one of your pub friends... so i can slam the camera with my 'rude' finger and rub my breasts at the same time! Fabulous!

    xo em


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