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Monday, January 9, 2012

The First Day Back

Well we are back in to the old swingaroo of things today. Kdog (Keith) had to head back to work after three blissful weeks of holiday time. The poor darling was not very happy to be donning the shirt and tie again, and leaving his beloveds behind. It did not help when Will had a meltdown and stood at the front window screaming for Daddy. Oh well, Peppa Pig soon fixed that.

My dear pals Vanessa and Gabrielle are house sitting a fab place up in the hills for a few weeks, and invited us up for some morning tea. Seriously, this place actually inspires me. I am totally and utterly in love with everything about it.

 What inspires you?


  1. How I would like to sit and watch my pizza cook in that woodfire oven whilst sipping on a wine at that table and chairs with you...

    Looks amazing! Perfect way to keep the back to the grind blues at bay x

  2. My inspiration comes from the wonderful people in my life.. Such as you dearest Amelia! You help clear my mind, think of the things that are important to me, chat and get excited about crafty ideas and baking times... Ahhh woman you are an inspiration machine!

  3. That view is out of control! What a way to spend a morning x

  4. Beautiful home! I'm nspired by something different every day, but everyday im inspired by the very idea of possibilities. x


Thank you so much for your comments. I am touched by every single one of them :)