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Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Have you ever had that moment when you stop and take it all in?

I had that moment on the weekend. It was breakfast time and we were huddled around the table, eating our toast, drinking our coffee, dodging the crusts that William was throwing at our heads.

Then a song comes on the radio.

This song...

Now I have heard this song about a thousand times. Sometimes I cry a little. Sometimes I don't.

: This song was my mothers favourite song EVER.
: We would watch this very version many times.
: This was the song that came on the stereo when I got into her car the day after she passed away.
: This was the song that we played at her funeral when we all said goodbye.
: This was the song I heard in the waiting room when I was in labour with Will.
: This is the song that appears when I forget about her a little.
: This was the song that made me stop last Saturday morning.

Toast in hand, I travelled back to a different time in my life.
I smiled at my husband and screaming children
"I bloody love youse all, how lucky are we?" I said.
Keith looked at me like he had seen the reincarnation of Winston Churchill.

In that little moment, I had seen what it was all about.
All of the tears, anguish, confusion, challenges and triumph.
I could see the life I was in and I knew exactly what Ma would say.

"You did it, baby legs."


  1. She did a wonderful job raising a baby legs like you.

    Just an absolutely beautiful post, really! You have that way.

    Keep doing it xx

  2. Wow, that's amazing.

    This song is spectacular. I love Fleetwood so very much.

    Your Mum would be proud, so should you. You are a fabulous Mum, a fabulous lady.


  3. You can never hear that song enough.... beautiful post x


Thank you so much for your comments. I am touched by every single one of them :)