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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Stirling's Autumn Festival

A few weeks ago I journeyed up the hill to check out the annual Stirling Autumn Festival. It was brilliant, beautiful local produce, wine, art and a real sense of community. Good for the soul.
I am a fifth generation Hills resident, a born and bred Stirling girl. My ancestors grew up farming the land between Bridgewater and Hahndorf and my Nana learnt to paint whilst sitting at the feet of Hans Heysen, literally.

When I lived in Queensland for a few years, I longed for this place, my heart ached for its climate, its people, the familiarity and the sense of belonging.

You can take a girl out of the hills but you can never take the hills out of the girl.



  1. How gorgeous! All those colours - I could smell the coffee and bacon, hear the crunching leaves and feel the cool breeze and sunshine on my back. Brava x

  2. wow, amelia, I feel like you have hit your straps and are bursting all over my screen. so very beautiful. the colours, the atmosphere, they just leap off the screen. your photography matches the market - organic x

    1. Oh thank you SO much Tahnee. You are such a darling. I am so grateful for all of your kind words xox

  3. Amelia! Your photos are just AMAZING! Seeing beautiful Stirling captured so well actually just bought tears to my eyes. Thank you. Luci Battye xxxx


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