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Monday, May 14, 2012

APRIL - Stuff I Loved

It has been a good month, I've been discovering many new things and meeting new people.
Here is my current list of the stuff I have loved over the past month.

Current Music
1. Mellow Out - Jeff The Brotherhood
2. This Head I Hold - Electric Guest
3. Pretender - Miike Snow
4. Wild Love - Gossling
5. Crystalised - Owl Eyes
6. This Summer -Rufus
7. Oblivion - Grimes
8. Speaking in Tongues - Hilltop Hoods
9. Worrier - Mark Foster and Kimbra
10. Still Life - The Horrors
11. Hold On - Alabama Shakes
12. Friend Crush - Friends
13. Lafaye - School Of Seven Bells

Favourite Albums Of The Month
Blunderbuss by Jack White
Boys and Girls by Alabama Shakes
Given To The Wild by The Maccabees
Master Of My Make Believe - Santigold
Welcome To The Throne - Jay Z and Kanye West
Drinking From The Sun - Hilltop Hoods
Tough Love - Magic Dirt

Current Books
Guts by Kristen Johnston
Raising Boys by Steve Biddulph
Religion For Athiests by Alain De Botton

Current Tv/Movies 
Well now that my beloved Tangle has ended I have had to go back to the ye olde dvd collection. Luckily I have acquired a new love... Mad Men. Don Draper makes my heart go swoon.
Also loving the classics all over again; Casablanca, An Affair To Remember, Cool Hand Luke, A Night To Remember, Ben Hur, Romancing The Stone, Jewl of The Nile. Loving some newbies too; Burning Man, Moneyball, Crazy Stupid Love and The Descendants.
Current Colour
Still loving the super bright colours. I picked up a couple of antique bargains the other day, a cute little hall table and a bentwood chair. I am mulling over colour charts, trying to select the perfect shades to complement my eclectic collection. Yellows and blues are the two I am drawn to, perhaps a nice aqua or teal for the table.

Current Food
Mexican, Mexican, Mexican!

Current Drink
Coffee, Cider, Tea, Hot Spicy Apple Juice...and repeat!

Current Non Mummy Activities
Keith took a week off work this past month so I have been able to indulge in a little extra non-mummy activities. This includes long lazy mornings at Organic Market Cafe, tapping away for hours on my computer and editing lots of images. Also, lots of little impromptu dinners and drinks with old friends, new friends and family. Happy times!

Current Triumphs
I have lost the guilt that I used to drag around with me everywhere Iwent. The guilt fof taking a few hours for myself, the guilt of not taking the kids to the park, the guilt of not making the worlds most amaze balls dinner. I know that some of it sounds petty, but when you don't get a break for such a long time you start to believe that it is the way things should be. It only takes a few hours to yourself to realise that life is a whole lot better when you let the guilt go.
Waking up super early on a Saturday morning and doing my own thing for a few hours is seriously the greatest thing I can do for myself.

Current William
William is just amazing. He has done a lot of growing this last month or two. They are always changing, I know, but this little guy he exactly that..a little guy. Bless him. Not a lot has changed in regards to his speech, well in fact nothing has changed. I visited a new GP last month, she is brilliant and also has little kiddies of her own. It is really lovely chatting to someone who not only know the medical side of things but also understands the highs and the lows of motherhood, someone who can be a bit of a voice of reason when you don't often have one of your own. Anyway, she has referred Will on to a paediatrician just to double check that everything is on track. William is the beautiful big brother that I knew he would be. He is kind and gentle, learning to adapt to life with a little sister in tow has been a big change for him but I think he is starting to see the benefits. The play outside for hours and hours, squealing and running around. It is such a joy to see. He has also decided to drop his afternoon nap (nooooooooooooooo) gone is that beautiful consistent 2-3 hours of peace each day. Oh well, at least he still has some quiet time and generally keeps things down to a dull roar

Current Olivia
Ummm I really do not know where to start with this little lady. Thirteen months has seriously flown by. She took her first steps on her birthday and there has not really been any looking back since then. She runs, she walks, she waddles, she climbs. There is nothing that this girl can't do, and she isn't afraid of anything. I love sitting in the back yard and watching the two of them play and tumble in the grass. I feel like hi-fiving myself every time they laugh together. I am so bloody lucky to have these two amazing babes in my life. Olivia now likes to kiss hello and goodbye, naturally her mouth is wide open when she does it. She also like to say bye bye, nun nigh, and ta. She waves hello and goodbye, she smiles at everyone. She melts the hearts of strangers and friends alike. This little lady is the bees knees.


  1. I'm doing my BELATED currently post this week too.

    LOVE your music selections too my lady.

    How AMAZING is Don Draper. Zou Bisou Bisou!!

    Your current non activities section was THE BEST!!! I am totally jealous and proud of you.

    Keep up the fantastic work Mumma!


    1. Thanks so much lovely, it means so very much to me :) X

  2. Your babes really are beautiful!

    But the most beautiful in this post? The letting go of your guilt, & now you're doing life, & loving it! :)

    And your taste in music is pretty amazing too ;)

    Good work mama x

    1. How good is letting go of the mother guilt?! Thanks darling xoxox

  3. I love your round up posts amelia. especially when you talk about your beautiful kids. and well done you, for letting go of the guilt, it's such a better way to live. it's obvious you are a wonderful mother, your babes just shine x

  4. Love Wild Love! and all your music selections. Your children are so beautiful and your photography, so stunning. xx


Thank you so much for your comments. I am touched by every single one of them :)