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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Rapid Bay Weekend

About twenty years ago my uncle, Les and grandmother, Bunga purchased an old house on the beachfront in the little town of Rapid Bay on the Fleurieu Penninsula. We used this place often throughout the years, with someone usually down there every weekend. Gradually as we all got a little older and busier, Rapid Bay house became a little neglected. Now that my little ones are a bit older we are excited to revive the past, and bring up a new generation within the walls that could tell a thousand stories.

Some of my earliest memories are from times at Rapid Bay whether it was talking to Mr. Edgar over the side fence, swinging on the Hills Hoist, making scones with Bunga in the kitchen, eating icy poles and swimming with the neighbourhood children, walking up to the general store with Uncle Les for a chocolate sundae, fishing with Dad on the jetty. In my later years; weekend escapes with my high school pals, all night drunken evenings talking about life and love with my girlfriends, beach camping with boyfriends, creating the same memories with my husband and children.

The place is beautiful all year round, aqua blue calm water in the summertime, stunning sunsets against the backdrop of the sheep dotted cliffs surrounding the bay, the pinks, yellows and oranges illuminate its natural beauty and the burning hot pebble lined beach burning layers off the soles of your feet. In wintertime, the ocean grows dark and grey, the jetty sways, and the chains of the old dead sailors clang on the pylons below (well that's what Dad says anyway), the winds whip and lash against the window pane as the warmth of the fire dries your salt dampened face.

God, I love this place.


  1. OMG this place looks like heaven on a stick!!!! I want to go and stay there now! I can just imagine setting myself up and spending a whole week writing and reading and taking photos...and sleeping!

    *blissful sigh*

  2. It is SO amazing. I was wondering the story of this old place when I was looking at your snaps come through. How wonderful that it is about to get a whole new lease of memories and life through her!

  3. Gorgeous photos. Those views!!

    What wonderful memories you have and will be able to share with your own kids. Isn't the circle of life amazing sometimes?


  4. Looks incredible. What a place to getaway to! Those pics are amazing. I love reading your blog ;) thanks for the lovely comment on mine the other day too. We're in heaven over here xx

  5. Looks so utterly amazing! what a perfect getaway! xx

  6. Just stopping in to say hi! I've been 'stalking' you on Instagram... sorry about that:) You really have a lovely space here - good luck with all your exciting new plans, xx Tam.

  7. Thanks for the lovely pics. Brings back memories of the Bay when I lived there from 1954 to approx 1962.
    Not sure which is your place but I lived in the first house in your row next to the oval.
    That little place is paradise. When I lived their there was no gravel on beach but when I went back after some 20 years I couldn't believe how far out the sand/gravel went. Well thanks for the memory moment.
    Regards David McKenna


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