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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Girl

This is my youngest, Olivia Frances, affectionately known as 'The Girl'.

I still think she is only 5 months old, not almost 9 months.

She was born in April, arriving sooner than expected and nearly on the kitchen floor.

Admitted: 7.00am, Born: 8.10am, Discharged: 2.00pm ALL IN THE SAME DAY - CRAZY

She is sweet smelling. She has crazy hair. She does not like to go to sleep. She is a quiet achiever. She smiles all the time. She is going to be trouble when she grows up...we just know it.


  1. My son Edward is nearly 9.5 months old and I can't believe how quickly this year has gone. He is almost 1.

    Wow, you did have a quick labour!

    She looks like a real sweetie to me :)



    Amelia! That deserves some kind of MEDAL!


    ... 2pm?! As in, 5 hours & 50 minutes after giving birth?! That kind of 2pm?

    Your girl, sweet Olivia, she is to.die.for!

    That bottom lip, that fluff of curly hair, & her wise beyond her years {well, months} expression, just gorgeous!

    If I ever have a little girl, she'll be dressed in red 24/7. And even better, red apples :)

    Cluckity-cluck :) xx

  3. Those cheeks are amazing!! And equally amazing is that birth.....incredible xx

  4. I will NEVER forget that photo you put up on Mrs Woog's wall post birth - was that Olivia? You NEED to post it again with a story. I demand it, I mean your readers demand it.

    I LOVE her hair. And thighs.

  5. She is gorgeous - and I did much the same as you with my last two births, home four hours postnatally - which was bliss. I was looking through your wedding shots which are gorgeous. Would that be a shot of Jo M? We used to be best friends once upon a time!!

  6. She's so beautiful!
    The sleeplessless, speedy arrival, crazy hair and "gonna be trouble" remind me very much of my own kidlets! Love it! x
    ps. my word verifaction is maniter ;)

  7. I love all her hair! My daughter has similar hair, though it isn't as curly.


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