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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

5 albums that are inspiring me this month.

Ask anybody I know and they will tell you how much I love music.

I am not the clothes and shoes buying gal.

I spend my money on music.

These are just a few of the albums that I am LOVING right now.

1. M83 - Hurry Up, We're Dreaming

This is my inspiration album. I put it on in the morning, step outside with my coffee and soak up the dewy sunshine. I love the tones and synths and the epic harmonies. Just beautiful. I guess you could say it has that U2 vibe, only a shoegazing genre. Think Passion Pit & Angels and Airwaves.

2. Boy and Bear - Moonfire

I was not a super big fan of Boy and Bear. I liked the cover of Crowded Houses' 'Fall At Your Feet' but after a while it irritated me and I enjoyed some of there other songs that had been played on Triple J. I eventually bought there album a few weeks ago and after a few run throughs and catching them live in Adelaide at the end of November I am a total convert. They write such beautiful honest music and they are humble and gratful performers, something I admire in an artist.

3. Gotye - Making Mirrors

This album is just one of those albums. Every song is new, every song is different, every song has a story to tell. 'Save Me' would have to be my favourite track - I understand it was written about his girlfriend, their long term/long distance relationship and her eventual relocation to the other side of the counrty. The joy in this song, and deep love totally resonated within me. I too felt exactly what he was singing, I had done the same thing myself a few years ago. In fact I nearly walked down the isle to this song. Overall a truly beautiful piece of art, yet again from the amazing Mr. Debacker.

4. She and Him - A Very She and Him Christmas.

Such a gorgeous little album. It's old and modern all rolled into one. I have loved She and Him for a while now and this new album is right up there with some of the all time classic christmas compilations. There are Beach Boys elements, Johnny Cash elements, even some old Doris Day elements happening. Such a delight on the ears, we will playing this one christmas morning.

5. Various Artists - ReWiggled

Bloody brilliant compilation!!! As a mother of two kiddos under three, The Wiggles are a staple around our place. This is such a refreshing album, a true delight to hear some of my favourite Aussie artists jamming out to the likes of 'Hot Potato' and 'Big Red Car'. Some highlights are The Living End's version of 'Hot Potato', Spiderbait with 'Rock a Bye Your Bear', and Adalita with 'Get Ready To Wiggle'. The kids will love it and the grown up's will too.


  1. Look at you blogging twice in a row! LOVE it. I will def check the first one out. You are cool and relevant and I shall pretend it's all me OK?

  2. I'm seeing M83 in Feb and I CANNOT WAIT. One of my fav bands ever.

    She & Him is high on my rotation at the moment, best Xmas album ever.

    Check out Florence and the Machine's new album, it's seriously gospel. Amazing. Moving. I cried when I listened to it.


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